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To Be Eligible for Services:

1.Have a need for individualized training in acquiring basic living skills such as symptom management; adherence to psychiatric and medication treatment plans; development and appropriate use of social skills and personal support system; personal hygiene; food preparation; or money management.

2.Have a qualifying mental health diagnosis (psychotic disorder, major depressive disorder – recurrent, or bipolar disorder I or II). If an individual has another disorder, it will qualify if a physician determines:
–it is a serious mental illness
–it results in severe and recurrent disability that produces functional limitations in major life activities, and
–the individual requires individualized training to achieve or maintain independent living in the community

3.The individual must have a prior history of qualifying mental health treatment.
A qualifying mental health treatment is:
•psychiatric hospitalization,
•residential treatment,
•residential crisis stabilization,
•PACT (program of assertive community treatment) or ICT (intensive community treatment) services,
•RTC (residential treatment center) Level C
placement, or
•A TDO (temporary detention order)
evaluation due to mental health–it is a serious mental illness decompensation.


insurance accepted

Insurance accepted

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Our services are catered to your individual health background, history, and financial means. Use the guide to explore the options available to you. You can also use the button to schedule a free consultation.

  • Do you have a prior history of mental health treatment?
    Some qualifying treatments include: *Psychiatric hospitalization *Residential treatment *Crisis Stabilization *Residential Crisis Stabilization *PACT (Program of Assertive Community Treatment) *ICT (Intensive Community Treatment) *RTC (residential treatment center) Level C placement *Placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility *A TDO (Temporary Detention Order) evaluation due to mental health decompensation
  • Do you require training for basic living skills?
    Some basic living skills you may need help with: *Symptom management *Adherence to treatment plan *Medication management *Development of social skills *Health and nutrition *Financial due diligence
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At FOCUS POINT MENTAL HEALTH, patients come first - and that includes making sure to keep providing outstanding features that make us a comfortable and welcoming place you want to visit. Schedule to find out more or visit a office near you today. 

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